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  1. In my city I have very high level paint shops so I'm not too concerned about work quality. The only problem I see is to get the right color codes (maybe from JP technical manuals?). The other thing ofc are letters. I have also seen selling decals, while its ok for side fairings, but I cant imagine to stick those over tank or front fairing. Importing those parts from JP is interesting solution, IMO expensive ( full fairings, plus tank, plus front mud guard).
  2. Has anyone tried to repaint bike in Honda's anniversary three colours, red/blue/white (see attachment)? My idea was to get used white colour bike and to repaint it, but first I would love to get some opinions, is it worth the pain to do it. Currently those colours are available only for Japanese market. Another option was to import from Japan directly, but my guess is that it will cost a fortune, plus all certification issues for EU, customs etc.
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