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  1. Well, I’ve gotten the Stator and the R/R replaced. I’ve got a small fuel leak to tackle and a voltmeter to install on the panel before I test out my work. Results will be posted in a few weeks :) https://imgur.com/a/ObNICaU
  2. It is a VFRness. It isn’t in the budget to go to the 847 yet - but it is a future endeavor. That little thing is so clean, I started drooling. [emoji1786] For now - I’m headed for a stock r/r with a voltmeter on the instrument panel so I can monitor things. I am also going to run through every connection and ground to make sure they are solid and protected from corrosion - which means I need to correct a fuel leak from cracked washers under the tank while she’s torn down too. I’ve got orientation - this is my first attempt at actually fixing something on my own ride.
  3. Thanks all! I was just laughing because the charging system is a known issue with this gen - and it happens to be the first thing I have to learn how to fix [emoji23] I am definitely tackling this issue myself. I’ve got parts ordered and a couple of really awesome guys just a phone call away if I get stuck. After taking the fairings off though - I think the rest of it will be easy. The design engineers at Honda must laugh when they imagine us fighting with those darn things. I am gonna need a bigger tool box...
  4. Lost power Sunday and had to have my dad come rescue me. First time in 20 years that a Honda has left me stranded. I am working through the charging system with the guidance of a friend across the country (and a local buddy that talked me through using a volt meter) - and have parts ordered to do the repairs. I just thought it was kind of amusing that the first job I had to do on this thing was a stator and R/R replacement. I know I have to close the problem loop and reassess before I pin that as the root cause - but it seems to be from the AC readings I was getting on the volt meter. Parts are ordered and I’m ready to get dirty :)
  5. That’s a pretty pack mule!
  6. It’s black, because black goes with everything. [emoji3]
  7. Absolutely! She’s my big pig :)
  8. I suppose it’s time to make an introduction instead of lurking. I bought a 2004 VFR800 a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with it when I rode it home. I’ve owned two prior Honda’s: a 1992 F2 that I bought at 17 years old (decades ago) and a 2001 F4i that I let go a couple of years ago. I’ve been off two wheels for 2 seasons now and had this dream of a machine fall into my lap from an awesome dude who has become a really awesome friend - that is super encouraging and supportive in helping me work on my own stuff. Making sure I get to know this absolute pig of a bike inside and out through photos, videos and phone calls from thousands of miles away. This gal is in immaculate condition and was cared for very well. This was his baby and I want to carry that on. I’ve taken the racking off to have it cleaned up and weatherproofed, and am going to clean up the cases as well. She is pretty naked right now without the storage - but I am enjoying getting to know how she likes to be ridden. The center of gravity, where the power is, and the way this bike moves is so different from the F series. While I do miss how easy the F4i was to flick around - the smoothness of the VFR on the curvy roads and the way the miles just seem to melt under you is pretty neat. My bony butt doesn’t hurt nearly as much, which is a big plus. My goal is to ride to Oregon two seasons from now and I am really darn pumped. You may see me pop in once in a while - but I tend to lurk a lot when I am learning new stuff.
  9. Yeah - about half hour west of the cities. Just picked up an 800
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