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  1. As suggested I let her warm up, and Hey presto the clutch released. Thanks for the heads up. I nice little run out to Formby & back, no problems at all. 👏👍🍺
  2. I do not Beliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive it! All dressed up & no where to go. So pushes the bike (gen5) out the garage, fully kitted up ready for a shake down as not been on the road since last year. Selected 1st and felt like the bike tried to move then the engine stalls. So onto the center stand we go. 1. Check clutch fluid √ 2. Bleed each banjo √ Still no clutch😭 Switched engine in N, pulled the clutch lever & selected 1st appeared to be ok till I pulled the clutch again expecting the rear wheel to slow down, no slowing down. I wouldn't mind but it was ok yes
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