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  1. Woh Ok. Seems to be good. Postage could be around 20 £ but I am not sure. I think I wasn’t clear so I attache a picture then about the carrier. I am looking for this part first, but I am in a complete research so as soon as I found the holder I will take your case. You may have this part as well? Could you check the correct delivery price to Renningen Germany? Thanks.
  2. Hi! Actually I am in Germany. Is this your top case? Very nice. My major goal to get a case carrier/rack but the case is also important. What is the price of that? Do you have probably the carrier as well for sale? Thank you in advance. David
  3. Hi Everybody! I am looking for a VFR 800 VTEC original top case carrier. Does anyone know about an opporrtunity? Thanks BR David
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