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  1. ok, I ended up removing shocks off the bike as I could not figure out how to press down the white plastic collar inside the shock to disassemble, with shock on the bike. Indeed I had too much oil; removed 35ml + 65ml, measured 160mm off the top edge when compressed. Now ride is back to normal. Thank you all for all the help and advises.
  2. status update. so I unscrewed the top caps, bike tilted forward to max compression of both shocks. I don't see any oil in the tubes looking from top and though I can only see & reach about 4" deep (~10cm) with a thin plastic tie-down, before it gets stopped by something. See attached images. Looking through the manual (pages 15-27, 15-28) it looks like they do 160mm oil measurement BEFORE plastic collar and spring are installed. I'm thinking about attempting to remove plastic collar and the spring while still having shocks installed on the bike. Anyone sees potential problem with this? Other ideas?
  3. thanks for the suggestions folks, I will lift the front of the bike to try the syringe method and report back the results.
  4. i.e. too much oil? wonder if I can check it somehow w/o taking the whole thing off the bike...
  5. Hi - I changed the seals and using method posted earlier in this forum and now my bike feels very stiff, hard to turn. Used proper viscosity oil. Already loosen both adjustment nuts to the max on top - doesn't help. Did anyone have similar issue? Searching online folks suggest checking fork alignment, wrong oil, etc... Will appreciate any advise/recommendation.
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