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  1. Hi All, Just a quick intro for the forum. I’m currently riding a BMW R Nine T but am in need of a change. Something reliable and well put together would be good so considering an 8th gen VFR. My VFR history was buying a new 750FL back in 1990 as my first ‘big’ bike and loved it. I ran it for 7 years before trading for a 1997 model 750 FV. In retrospect probably the best bike I’ve owned. I kept it for 8 years before thinking I needed something bigger and faster as you do... a number of bikes followed before I ended up on a VFR1200 in 2011 which I kept for 4 years. It was good but too heavy and thirsty for what I needed. It may be time to scratch the V4 itch again though and There's some great offers out there at the moment on the 8th gen so seriously tempted. It does look like Honda are clearing them through the pipeline though and I wonder if they’ll surprise us all with an update or new version somewhere down the line later this year, so slightly hesitant to pull the trigger at the moment. In the meantime it’s time to catch up on everyone’s experiences with the8th gen to help me make a decision. Carl
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