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  1. Going to fit a complete stainless exhaust soon. Was wondering what happens to the 2 sensors that enter the old pipes underneath? Can they just be left unconnected? Thanks in advance....
  2. Thank you all , that makes complete sense. ☺️
  3. Thinking of connecting my new RR direct to battery , to bypass the loom with in-line positive fuse. I could use some help as to how to connect . The connector block has 2 red , 2 green and 1 black. Do i join the 2 reds together, then to battery positive , and same with the greens to negative? Also where does black wire go? Thank guys ...
  4. Thank you for all the replies, that's been very helpful 😊
  5. Hiya all , just purchased a gen 5 VFR. I think it has original Reg/Rec with part number SH579C-12 . Are other owners using this item and is it worth changing?
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