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  1. It seems as though I have some electrical ghosts. I let it idle and warm up but the radiator fan didn't turn on. The fan switch is new and is set to 180. Any ideas?
  2. Hard reset the power commander 3 and it turned over and is idling now
  3. Last time I got her to start was Christmas. It was a little wet out so not sure if that had any impact. Tried starting it up a week or so after, it fired but then quickly died and wouldn't start again. Today I think it's an electrical issue as it won't start with the air filter off and starting fluid. What's the process of trouble shooting this issue? Thanks
  4. I rewired it to stock. The fan kicked on at 228 when I let it idle. From what I've read the running temp should be around 220 and 240 is considered high. Is this an issue or normal workings for the 5th gen? Rubber flaps are there, not sure about placement though, thanks for the advice. From what I can see everything looks stock or at least professionally installed like the power converter. I wanted to remove the manual override because it looked as though a 5 year old threw some wire in the chassis and toggle switches in the fairings.
  5. Hi all. A quick question about the cooling systems. I bought a 1999 800fi. A little wiring had been done, a power commander installed. The fan for the radiator had been wired up to a toggle switch. I wired it back to stock. I'm just wondering if the fan is meant to kick on when the key is turned to 'on'. There was also a fan hooked up to a toggle over the heat sink under the seat on the left (ecu?). Why would someone do this? Thanks guys
  6. Thanks a bunch everyone. I picked up an 85 and an 86 for 700. My friend is trying to get the 86 going (carb has been completely dismantled) I'm working on the 85. Biggest concern is electrical right now for me. We have a crymer manual I'm just neither a sparky nor a mechanic haha. Loving the bike though!
  7. The horn is missing, I really hope these are the relating wires :S Anyway, I'm planning on getting a new wiring harness.
  8. Hi all. So the vf500 I picked up has had a lot of electrical hacking done to it. Im getting a new ignition as the key was lost and have been using a bridge to start and run it. The big issue among others is that the radiator fan won't turn on. I'm hoping that it has something to do with the ignition switch? It's not burnt out, I ran lines to the battery and it works. There are wiring coming out of either side of the handles, initially I thought them to be for the indicators but when I split them apart the bike would turn over. Im not even sure what this connection is for, rear turn signals? The panel has been ground down and a lot of the connectors have been spliced
  9. Will do, thanks! It was a good deal, but I know there is a lot of work to do on it. Any other suggestions?
  10. Hi all. I picked up an 84 vf500 the other day. It needs a bit of work, mostly cosmetic. Most of the fairings are brittle and need work. Does anyone know if there is an alternate rear fairing to replace the original, different styles perhaps?
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