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  1. yes, I know that, but the price is way too big for my taste 😉
  2. I am gathering information what modifications needs to be done to fit VF1000F clip ons. I think I am interested. What would be the price for those? Maybe you have some photos of actual clip ons? Would you send them to Lithuania?
  3. Thanks for replay Mohawk. I still have some hope to find Helibars for VFR. If I will not find them till spring, I think I will be making them myself. Not sure that there are some reasons for that, but I don't want many bolts and nuts holding the bars, I would prefer 1 peace.
  4. Maybe you are willing to sell bar risers?
  5. Maybe someone has used 5th gen Helibars for sale? Ebay did not offer anything in last half a year. Maybe someone from VFR community is willing to sell them?
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