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  1. Thanks for welcoming me! I think they make quite a big difference campared to stock. They aren’t that much higher where they attach to the fork, but the angel is all different so they are a lot higher at the end, and that’s where all the weight comes when riding. I’ve only tried them for 60 miles but I was totally relaxed in my wrists. The mounting was pretty straight forward. Both vfr 98-01 and vf 1000 have 41 mm diameter forks. The only thing I had to modify was the width, since they are about halv an inch wider/longer than stock I simply cut them at the same length as stock ones. I also used the stock inner weights so that I could fit the stock bar ends/outer weights. Finnally I drilled holes for the controlls. All in all it took about 1,5 Cheers /Andreas
  2. Hi! I purchased a vfr 800 -99 one month ago after years of thinking about it. I found an anniversary with low miles (12.000) and in great condition, so I couldn’t resist buying it. What I immediately noticed, as many of you also have done, was that the bar position is a bit low. My wrists and neck began aking after only a few miles. So after reading different threads about the issue it got clear too me Helibars was the way to go. Problem for me was the money, after shipping, tax and customs to Sweden, a pair would cost me about 800$. I therefore looken for options and found this guy who used a pair of clipons from a vf1000f. Said and done, I purchased a pair out of an 1984 vf1000f and mounted them. 80$ instead of 800$ So far I’m very pleased, a lot more relaxed seating position. /Andreas
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