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  1. PS: Lorne. Great looking bikes in your images. Black looks perfect
  2. Hi Lorne. You answered two questions that have been in my mind. Thank you. Outstanding anticipation on your part. I intend to have the bike serviced this winter. Also replace the tyres. Plus I need to raise the bars. In the meantime I’m just trying to put some miles on it- get used to it.
  3. Cheers Grum. I see your my neighbour in Aussie, so you’ve got some pretty amazing real estate to travel also. I was ignorant of the VFR models reputation until I started investigating its history. Pretty impressive. Love the swing arm. The bike makes me look better than I am!
  4. Thank you for accepting my membership. I have just bought 1990 VFR750F. Two owner (I’m the 3rd). The seller had owned it for 25 years. 58000 km. $2000 New Zealand dollars. Ridiculous amount of bike for that money. Has the odd bump and bruise, but pretty original. I’ve taken it out on a few day rides and love it.
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