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  1. Seller just got back to me. It is indeed an RC26. Can't say I'm terribly interested in it now. It was also pointed out that there's what looks to be a dent in the tank in the one picture I have of it, right under the ND in HONDA. I've got the bug now, so the search continues!
  2. It's hard to judge from just the one picture. I'm waiting on more. I've seen a couple different styles for front turn signals. I don't have any plans for it other than to ride it, if I do get it. If it's mostly original, I'll keep it that way. Otherwise, we'll have to see what's good and what isn't, and that'll inform the direction I take.
  3. Here's the text from the listing, and the one photo that was included.
  4. Excellent. And thanks for the inspiration. I'm asking for more pictures, of both bikes, all sides, closeups of the headers and collectors/y-pipes and mufflers. Seller is 2 hours away, so I want to get as much info as possible before taking the truck out. What gave the fairing away, other than no decals and different turn signals (at least compared to yours)? I figured the front fairing was either a replacement or aftermarket anyway. Not sure how much it matters to me, as long as it's in one piece. Were these ABS plastic or fiberglass? I can work with either, just curious.
  5. Seller got back: So there's hope. He also mentioned having a CB350 Four in his barn, which is my other next-on-my-list bike. Perhaps I can put together a package deal!
  6. Agreed on the left side! The front plastics are also missing decals, and the right rear turn signal is dangling in the breeze. Seller is a small town dealer, so I might assume he's reporting the model correct. Will double check. I picked up my nighthawk for $700. Guy was asking $800. Needed a bunch of work and parts: tires, carb cleaning, plugs, new reg/rec plugs and other miscellaneous electrical work, battery, one fork seal, brake caliper rubber parts, clutch and brake master cylinder rebuild, clutch slave cylinder rebuild, clutch hydraulic lines. Think that's it. I later ended up with a failing ignition coil and replacing intake manifold rubbers to chase down the smallest of vacuum leaks that kept me from getting the carbs perfectly sync'd. Last winter I pulled the exhaust, sand blasted some rust/dents/pitting and tig welded it back up and sanded it smooth, and had the whole system ceramic powder coated. This winter I'm replacing speedo and tach gauges that have both broken. The fun never stops! I probably wouldn't take less than $2k for the nighthawk, but I'm also not selling it any time soon! I missed that VFR center stands are rare, good catch. Thanks for the info!
  7. Hey folks. I'm new to the world of VFRs, but not Hondas. I frame-off restored a 77 CB550K 7 years ago, and I daily a 84 CB700 Nighthawk. I've wanted an early model VFR for about a year now, and just found an 87 VFR750 on a local classifieds site that appears to be complete: http://classifieds.rennug.com/classifieds/viewad.cgi?adindex=4925761 Personally, I think that $1600 price is ridiculous, given it has sat for 20 years. My CB550 sat for 30 years, so I know how much it can take to bring life back to an otherwise complete specimen. I've sent a question to the seller inquiring about: 1) condition of gas tank insides, 2) mileage, 3) does the engine turn over (my CB550's was seized, but that's what got it parked in the first place back in '81). Thoughts on price? What would this bike fetch with, say, <50k miles in good running condition? Are they really that rare and sought-after that a non-runner could go for more than $1k? By the way, everyone loves pictures! See attached.
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