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  1. Running smoother than a twin for sure, but more complex and today we don't like (to pay for) complicated things. 😄Times are also gone when japanese maunfactures wanted to prove their quality. I like this red-white-gray color scheme too.
  2. Small progress for today. I cleaned the carbs from the outside and I found broken overflow rubber hose...that was the reason why I had petrol flown between the cylinders. Bad news that I have to remove the carbs from the base plate in order to change it. I really don't want to do it, because I'm afraid that I will damage the connecting fuel lines' o-ring. Of course the sync will be gone, but will I cause any permanent harm to the carbs if I remove them from the plate? Can they be synced properly later?
  3. I should have buy this bike... I bought a spare bike too with blown engine, but turned out that it is has no part in usable condition. 😤
  4. Jó estét! 🙂 Thanks for the link to the store! It's a good one, I will order the brake pads from here. I will keep this topic updated when something going to happen to the bike. Regards, Attila
  5. So finally I started to fix the stuff that should be fixed... I bought it impulsively in Sweden from an old man, I think in May and brought to mid Europe where I live. I couldn't resist to those stupid brakes. 🙂 It's in very nice, original, unmolested shape, has all the documents from the dealership. Original except one thing, the front right winker stem, what I smashed when I unloaded the bike from the lorry. 😡 If you have one holy grail for sale, let me know (otherwise it will be an interesting 3d printig story). To get registered, I need to do basically just regular service jobs, since the old man only changed oil and washed it in the last 10 years of his ownership. It's time to adjust valve clearence, check the timing chains, because it has some noise, change oil and filters, change brake fluid all over, tyres and break pads, carb sync, get some sort of a coat inside of the tank, so quite a lot things to do. And the bike was standing for the last couple of months and carb floater of the no3 cylinder got stucked...no problem, I have to adjust the valves anyway. 😄 vi sesgo home vf, you're drunkfriend's garagehome, sweet home I was the first who removed the carbs. Felt sooo guilty.
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