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    New guy- vf750f rebuild

    Hello, Its my first post here. I was looking for a winter project and found a 83 VF 750f. It had been sitting in a garage for 3 years. Bought it and took it home. Now i have been looking at it for weeks and i cant figure out what to do with it. I dont want to do a full restoration. I was thinking about upgrading it. So i need a little advise what to do and what parts to use. So id like to upgrade ( preferred direct bolt on solutions): - Wheels- 17" f2 wheels or is there any other better options? - front end- f3 forks - rear shock- any idea or sugestions? - front brakes- what calipers are the best? - rear brake Other problems needs to be solved: Wiring loom is completely corroded. Need a new one. Front fairing will be removed, its cracked and I want to make a naked bike. Need a new gas tank because the old one started to leak yesterday. Would like to instal 4to 1 exhaust but i havent found a proper set jet. Im gonna take it as a learning process because Im not a mechanic so sorry if there will be a silly questions, but i can wrench and im with a technical backround so i hope i can do everything by my self. So those are my first steps in the vf world 😀 Ps. English is not my main language so sorry for typos and mistakes.

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