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  1. Well i do not even know where to start.... I spent a whole day in garage cleaning parts. After that i had a chance to take a better look on parts. And the sad thing is that much of them are more or less damaged, worn out, rusted, bent, or cracked. The more i looked the more i realized its a parts bike i am trying to restore here. And its not reasonable.... Sometimes its much easier to live in a lie than to face the truth. But now when i have it, i must think what to do. I really started to like the bike......
  2. Side note to my self: im not so good photographer. Improvement needed fast 🙂
  3. As seen fom the previous pictures the bike is very dirty, covered with oil and dust. I hate working with dirty stuff. After taking the bike into pieces i had to clean and wash my tools for hours. Then i decided to take the frame and swingarm to local carwash to get rid of the mix of old oil and dust. Acctually every detail that came off from the bike needs a proper wash. Can't figure out where all this oil came from. I suspect the valve cover seals ant the seal behind the front sprocket. Need to change them also. Before: After:
  4. No way... Me no like stick finger hole.. me like tools 🤣 Anyway, whats the pressure i would like to see? 150? Whats the pressure difference between the cylinders?
  5. Nope, i havent got the right tool yet.
  6. This is the looks i will be aiming. Could anybody identify the wheels or front fork? Anybody know this bike?
  7. Thanks alot. Every bit of an information is needed and appriciated. I live in Estonia and we do not have many places to buy used parts for older bikes. Because until 1990 we had only soviet crap on the market. My main source for parts is internet and mostly ebay. I have to say that i will go on with the project and try to focus now to get the frame on the wheels again. I agreed with one mechanic who was willing to come to my garage and take a look of the engine next month. Then i can decide what to do with it next.
  8. That bad? So isn't there anything to do? Damn, i was just getting into the "zone" 🙂... But i wouldn't want to ditch the bike because the bike didn't cost me much so i have a reserve in the budget. The other thing is that the nights are still gold, dark and long here and i have nothing else to wrench so i take the engine to mechanics shop to see what is his opinion and in the mean time ill go on with the rest of the bike. The rest of the cam pics!
  9. Well i didnt do any pics when i bought it home. This is how it looked yesterday. And this is how it looks today The engine is out and I checked the cams and found : Rest of them were more or less visually ok. No significant wear. But whats going on with this one?
  10. The engine will be out this weekend and also the manual will arrive today so hopefully i can start with the inspection of the engine right away. I am still feeling positive 😎 But in the mean time i picked up a rear shock that is from vfr1200f. I am not sure if i can use it but i already know that to fit it i have to do some kind of modifications. Will see,... it was cheap and didnt cost me much money and if i cant use it i can always resell it. Now, theres a cheap vfr750 for sell in my area and i thought is it worth buying for parts bike? Is it worth even thinking as a parts bike, could i use the wheels, swingarm, forks, brakes as direct swap ?
  11. The bike ran fine just two years ago. It just had a problems with electrics. After that it was parked in garage. I disassembled the wiring harness and it was toasted. I decided just restore and upgrade the bike with newer parts. Starting with brakes and shocks.
  12. Hello, Its my first post here. I was looking for a winter project and found a 83 VF 750f. It had been sitting in a garage for 3 years. Bought it and took it home. Now i have been looking at it for weeks and i cant figure out what to do with it. I dont want to do a full restoration. I was thinking about upgrading it. So i need a little advise what to do and what parts to use. So id like to upgrade ( preferred direct bolt on solutions): - Wheels- 17" f2 wheels or is there any other better options? - front end- f3 forks - rear shock- any idea or sugestions? - front brakes- what calipers are the best? - rear brake Other problems needs to be solved: Wiring loom is completely corroded. Need a new one. Front fairing will be removed, its cracked and I want to make a naked bike. Need a new gas tank because the old one started to leak yesterday. Would like to instal 4to 1 exhaust but i havent found a proper set jet. Im gonna take it as a learning process because Im not a mechanic so sorry if there will be a silly questions, but i can wrench and im with a technical backround so i hope i can do everything by my self. So those are my first steps in the vf world 😀 Ps. English is not my main language so sorry for typos and mistakes.
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