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  1. SURE THING! Thanks
  2. UPDATE:-: Tested the voltage at each lo-beam h/lamp socket /plug which had 12V. SHORT ANSWER BOTH LOW BEAM BULBS WERE BURNED. WOW. Thanks to everyone who had input. Had to test ride my cooling system flush and brake pads front & rear. Photo on return to home.
  3. so appreciate the nod. I will definitely let you / yall know
  4. GRUM Thanks for the insight. 2 headlamp filaments simultaneously?! I've seen stranger. hahaha.. I am going after the relay first. Picture attached. thanks again.
  5. Hello, 2005 VFR 7 days ago, I checked my headlamps and lo & hi beams were working. Today, I replaced front brake pads. I also removed rt & lt side fairings to perform a radiator flush. I did not work on the h/lamp / front nose fairing. This evening I started my bike to let my son listen to the V4 and no lo-beam. Hi-beam, t/signals, horn etc all work. I am wondering if anyone else experienced this kind of failure after removing the side fairings. I noticed that the harness for the switches is there. I have a manual but before intense diagnostics I thought someone may have a simple check. Thanks in advance. TMFSR
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