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  1. Just going to keep my eyes peeled for another VF500 tank.
  2. Nah, the brake is easily grabbed the way it is. I think the tank is from an 86, because there is an 86 parts bike nearby I’ve been considering acquiring with the same one. The 86 bikes use pretty much the same parts besides the fuel pump thing, right?
  3. I think I mean VFR 500 interceptor. Isn’t Vf the short for the magna series?
  4. Anyone have experience trying a different gas tank on an Interceptor? I have an 84 VFR 500 and the gas tank is pretty shot. Covered in dents and the gas cap won’t go in correctly. My goal with the bike is to strip it as naked as I can and go for a kind of vintage cafe racer/brat something like that. I was thinking about buying a more universal tank and trying to make it work on this bike. Most all of the tanks are made to mount in more of the cruiser style bikes, so I was wondering if anyone here has put any other kind of tank on one of these bikes and if so what kinds of tanks would take the least fabrication/alteration to make work on the bike. Thanks!
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