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  1. Hey @Grum, thanks for the response. In the time since I posted above, I too found that installation PDF online. I'll have a crack at it on Monday. I'm off for a spin tomorrow on the Viffer, so will grab some snaps then. Cheers Pete ps/ I'm located in Mulgrave
  2. No, your comments are still helpful. I've actually only just picked the panniers and racks up today (26 Jan 2019). The racks and panniers have not come with any installation instructions 😕 I have the Ventura Rack already installed on the bike. What I want to do is install the side Kappa racks and panniers ALSO to the bike. As they're are no instructions with the gear I received, I really am looking for some guidance now. Cheers
  3. Hi I'm new to this community, have a 2006 Viffer which I bought new and remains totally awesome! I live in Melbourne, Australia. I'm about to tour Tasmania and have the opportunity of purchasing some 2nd hand but never used Kappa Racks and Side Panniers. I currently have a Ventura Rack fitted, and use that for my large expandable RJays Textile bag. I need to know if the Kappa Racks can be successfully fitted to my bike along with the existing Ventura Rack still in place? Any advice or assistance would be gratefully received regards Doonks
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