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  1. not the sink.i don't cook for me, it was test for all equipment fuction tank bag from held (magnetic) side bags from louis 2x upper bag from lous 1x (+ tent fixed with laces of the upper bag) all 3 bags from lois = 120,00 € link: https://m.louis.eu/artikel/moto-detail-luggage-system-universal/10026555?filter_article_number=10026555&list=ad599b7da15a708b15e42bab444982c5 tank bag from held i boght last year (dont remeber the price) the thing suprized me the most, side bags were siting on top of the exhaust pipes and all was ok (they have some kind of material to block the heat + additional protection plates I didn't used all bags have rain covers included I have over 5h of video to there and back I need to edit I will put some here Sent from my HTC U12+ using Tapatalk
  2. few pictures from trip to the faaker see in austria to the harley davidson moto week Sent from my HTC U12+ using Tapatalk
  3. pa mjesto izmedu cakovca i varazdina, 2 km od slovenije, 40 km od madarske Sent from my HTC U12+ using Tapatalk
  4. Čakovec, međimurska županija Sent from my HTC U12+ using Tapatalk
  5. hmm, already reserved it by the dealer where i bought the bike he has it, used, like new , but for special price for me (cause i bought both bikes there) only need some money and it's mine [emoji16] Sent from my HTC U12+ using Tapatalk
  6. hello, i'm tomica from croatia last week i changed my 2009 hornet 600 with 38k km for 2007 vfr800 with 29k km been riding bikes from last year and put ca 10k km until now with new vfr i've done 600-700 km in few days and i love it, escpecialy v4 engine i plan to install leo vince slip on for better sound few pictures below Sent from my HTC U12+ using Tapatalk
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