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  1. yup, 8 discs it was - 7 + 1; if anyone wants to see pics let me know. Thanks again for the help!
  2. Got it - Thanks Dutchy! I was just saying, I had found other fiches that showed 1 (not 6) as the quantity. The link you provided was very helpful!
  3. Thanks guys. Looks like there is lots of conflicting info out there. I have seen a parts fiche on a different site that only shows 3 discs :( I'll just rely on EBC having it figured out and having the right number of disc in their CK1218 set that matches the VFR. I'll report back with what I find.
  4. Turns out my grabby cold clutch is still not fixed after bleeding the clutch system. I ordered the EBC kit CK1218, which comes with 8 discs, 7 normal + 1 with the larger inner Diameter. Looking at the service manual for the 04 VFR800, it shows 9 friction discs? Does anyone know if that is correct? How many friction disks do I need? Thanks, Thomas
  5. Kind of a newbie

    My 04 VFR (42k) came with a power commander PC3USB and a generic map. Loaded the cozy map and it made a huge difference. Very smooth over the entire rpm range, with only a slight VTEC kick around 6800 rpms. Clutch is almost silent when pulled in. Had a problem where occasionally, when taking off in first gear, the bike would buck like a wild horse. Had to flush and bleed the fluid, and it is fixed now. Here on the forum I read a lot about the electrical problems. Haven't experienced any problems yet, but I did take off the fairings, inspected all the connectors, incl. the ones next to the battery, and cleaned them. Suspension could be better, but will do for my mostly highway commute.
  6. Hi OnFire, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  7. Hello & question about PC Cozy map

    I assume the black caps are the 330 Ohm resistors? I'll take a look later...
  8. Hello & question about PC Cozy map

    Here it is! Done with oil and filter changes. From all the motorcycles I have owned this was the most cumbersome oil change ever :) Trying to load the cozy map next. Does anyone know what the set of (capped off) connectors are in the last picture?
  9. Hello & question about PC Cozy map

    Thanks Knute for the link! Not sure why the one I found did not work.... Dutchy, You want a pic of me, the bike, or my wife I'll work on it! My ST1100 has 110000 miles on the clock. Nothing wrong except for a minor oil leak where the alternator is attached to the engine. I'll keep it until something really bad happens to it.
  10. Hello, New owner of a 2004 Honda VFR800 here. I acquired the bike for commute duty to replace my aging ST1100. The PO fitted a PC3USB. Does anyone have a link to the Cozy map (cozye_ver5.djm?)? It looks like it is gone from the download center. Thanks, Thomas

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