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  1. Question: Did You Get A Rear Seat And Single Seat Cowl?

    Hey all sorry to revive this thread but it helped me get my rear seat cowl. I purchased a 2014 interceptor this year and had always wondered about the rear seat cowl. Included with my purchase was the manual, tools under the rear seat and seat spacers for adjustments. I did not get the deluxe model. I went to the dealer today and said that i had discovered I a rear seat cowl was supposed to come with my motorcycle and that some dealers have been known to forget about this piece on the shelves. The salesman went to look and bam! He brought me a dusty box with my rear seat cowl! Said it was just chilling collecting dust and that he’s glad I asked about it! I live in the US and this should clear up whether it’s Uk or AU or Deluxe models that only include it!

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