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  1. Hey there,Blargh, so I am looking for a good home for my 98 VFR 800. For me, it is one of the most versatile motorcycles I've ridden and I will be sad to see it go. I've ridden it across country, commuted to work, and most recently learned a ton on the track with STT! Though I need to make room in the garage and get some $ for more track days!Asking: $2,250, I can bring it to Autobahn and Blackhawk tracks in July. If you're like me, you immediately go look up these estimates of value. Kelly Blue Book Value ($2,500), NadaGuide Value ($2,310) Keep in mind these don't include upgrades, or the extras with this bike.INFO AND NUGGETS: 27,619 Miles 1998 Honda VFR 800 Braided Brake Lines, Micron Exhaust, Power Commander, Pitbull single swing arm stand (shown in photos holding up bike) Givi Luggage box + mount, Original street stuff: mirrors, headlamps, center stand, turn-signals and rear tail light Clean Title Fancy plastic zip-ties to hold some of the plastics. Which are gold to track-day rides, but if this offends, suspect new hardware could be an easy fix. While making it track ready I did cut off the license plate holder on the underlying rear fender. (doh!) I thought It take seconds off my lap times in the novice group... ‍🤓 Sadly it didn't, but it does look cooler. Just may be harder to affix a license plate, but surely it could be done. STUFF I'VE DONE WITHIN LAST YEAR 2x Oil Changes, New front brake pads, New rectifier/regular and stator. Photo gallery: Has it ever been down? While riding.. no, while parked yes. I was a tired idiot at the end of a track day, didn't put the bike fully back on the side stand correctly. it tipped over and created the damage shown in the photos. Could you take the stickers off? Yes, happy to take off any stickers. For sure will take off 98, others by request.Can it be made street legal again? Yes! I've kept all the parts I've taken off, sans the license plate holder mentioned above. It will take some work, though it can be done with some elbow grease and patience. Looking for more photos, FAQ and images. I created a custom info page just for it on my website. https://98vfr800.mavenseed.com/p/1998-honda-vfr-800-for-sale Contact Wes Burke, wes@cgcookie.com or PM here.
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