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  1. Front Brakes Keep Losing Pressure

    Thinking of buying 2 sets of kits to rebuild right and left calipers. Hopefully they get fixed. Do you have any recommendations on where to buy these kits? So far I've only seen one on ebay and nowhere other sites so I have nothing to compare the prices on. If it's the master, can it be fixed with a rebuild kit?
  2. Hey Guys, Need some help/advice on my VFR (2011 DCT). My front brakes keep losing pressure while I'm riding. I've been bleeding them quite a few times now and it goes back normal for a while but the next time I ride, If pull on them they start to lose pressure again. I can't find any leaks and the brake fluid is staying at the same level. I also notice that while riding, If stop at the side of the road for a while and just pump the brake lever hard a few times, the pressure goes back up again. Any ideas would be help. Thank you.
  3. Yesterday I got the pistons out again. I removed the calipers, added a piece of flat metal in between the pads, and pumped the brakes so the pistons would come out. I gave them a thorough cleaning. That sound just won't disappear. Another weird thing - the first time the sound appeared I changed the brake fluid. I reverse bled the brakes with a syringe. On the right side, it worked and the fluid went straight up to the reservoir. But on the left caliper, some would come out of the calipers and I'm not sure where( thinking pistons) . It's like something is restricting fluid from coming up. Could it be the hose? or the ABS modulator?
  4. Hey guys. Hoping to get some ideas. There's a weird grinding noise from the front end of my bike (2010 DCT). The sound is very noticeable at low speed (10-30 mph) like the brakes are dragging. But it goes away at high speeds. Even just moving the bike around the garage sometimes you can hear it. It started a while back when I got caught with some heavy rain while riding and that's when the grinding sound started. I thought maybe some dirt got stuck on the calipers so when I stopped to check the brakes, the front wheel wouldn't turn. As in it was locked in place, I had to move the bike back and forth for a while until it released. Went home and thoroughly cleaned the calipers with some brake cleaner but sound is still there. I installed a new set of EBC sintered pads thinking it was the pads but it's still there. A mechanic told me maybe it's because the pads are brand new and that I should give it some time to set. Well I've done about 500km now and it's still there. I've tried spinning the front wheel by hand. It moves freely and it will spin about 1 and 1/4 turns before it stops but the sound is still there. Also, I've encountered this about 2-3 times now. Early in the morning when I try to start the bike, the ABS light would flash. I pump the brakes a few times and it goes away. I also noticed a section of the front left bearing seal was elevated. Could it be the bearings need a replacement? Does broken bearings sound like it it's brake dragging?
  5. I checked the manual and it only says "Honda Hypoid Gear oil SAE 80". It doesn't mention anything about GL-4 or GL-5. So any gear oil that is sae 80 will work? also these are the only gear oil I can find where I'm from: Will any of these work for the VFR 1200 Final Drive?
  6. OBD on 2010 VFR 1200?

    Is there any OBD or OBD2 socket/plug inside or under the tank for the PGM-FI? or is it only the Red DLC plug near the battery?
  7. Hi Skids, I think the site I did the conversion on was US mpg. But I'll take note about the mpg figures when. Thanks. Regarding the mapping, yeah the fuel map from the site isn't doing any good on normal mode. Maybe I'll add a map switch to toggle between maps depending on the mode I'm on. I'm planning on getting AutoTune and slightly increasing AFR mixture for fuel economy. Anyone done this for better fuel consumption?
  8. Hello fellow VFR owners. I bought a VFR 1200 DCT a week ago I think the bike is fantastic for touring. Before the VFR I had a 600cc bike so I'm hoping to gather and compare fuel consumption numbers. I understand the bike has a 1200cc engine so with it comes lower fuel consumption numbers but I'm interested on hearing your fuel consumption averages. Right now I'm at around 14.5km per liter or about 34.1 mpg since I got the bike. ----------------------------- Also, the VFR I bought came with a power commander 5 but it still had a stock map. I downloaded a map from PCV5 site to match the specs of my bike and flashed the PC5. When I was riding alone on Sportmode(S), my fuel consumption jumped to about 16.5km per liter or 38.8 mpg. But when I was riding with my partner on Normal(D) mode it was down to 13km per liter or 30 mpg. It seems the fuel consumption I had was better when I was on Sportsmode than when I was cruising around on Normal mode.

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