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  1. Turns out to be a fault with the ecu which has no doubt been cooked somehow. Other than Dave Silver £££+++ if anyone has or knows of a source of 04 vtec ecu with hiss, keys etc. Please let me know.
  2. Okay I've been naive. Two years ago I bought a VFR800 on eBay unridden and delivered by a reputable dealer. Turns out it's not firing on the rear left cylinder. Took it to an independent Honda guy who spent a week checking the bike over and is struggling to find the source of the problem. Mechanicals check out, apart from unbalanced butterfly valves, electric looms all good, new plugs, injectors all ultrasonically cleaned and swapped around to eliminate a dud, no issues. Coils too are all fine. Compression to cylinders all good. Turns out bike was imported from the USA an 04 bike brought here in 06 with low mileage. Really clean condition albeit with the wrong headlight. Oh how I curse myself for parting with my gen 5. Answers on a postcard please. All I really want now is an fjr1300 to soothe my VFR800 vtec woes but no one wants it surprise surprise.
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