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  1. Hi, The test was done with the engine already disassembled from the frame. This means also without carburetors and so on, the intake was completely open to suck air 😉 Since all cylinders were pretty much the same, and the engine was running, I'm not worried. In the meanwhile, I had already time to check the valve clearance, nearly all of them are too tight. Anyway, I will go on and disassemble the engine further, the minimum I would like to do is to check the valves and sealings and regrind the seat of the valves.
  2. I also did not believe the values, so after the measurement I tried to check if the gauge is giving correct values. I tried to pump in air with my air compressor and so far, it seems that the gauge itself is giving correct values. But honestly, I did not think about the rubber connection line between the cylinder and the gauge. As the valve is placed at the gauge this could really make a big influence especially with a small combustion chamber of only 125ccm. Maybe I can find a way to evaluate the gauge further. Anyway, having a quick look on the valve clearance it seems like there is nearly no clearance at the outlet valve. But I still must take a closer look, as I had only a few minutes of time yesterday.
  3. Today I had some time to measure the compression of the engine. Unluckily it did not show great results. The good news is that the compression is similar on all four cylinders. The bad news is that the values are really low (70-75 PSI). Putting some oil into the combustion chamber did not show a significant increase of the compression rat. At least I have a reason now to open the engine 😁
  4. Thx Dutchy, this is some good news!
  5. Hi Dutchy, thx for the information. I know already about the issue with the drain holes. They are already there, I remember it was one of the first things I checked two years ago 😃 Would be nice if you can tell me if your frame also has the bend. I can also make some pictures in the evening to explain it a bit better. br
  6. Thx for your tip squirrelman, the problem with the clutch happened already two years ago so there was no long storage before, but I also think that the clutch is sticking together for some reason. Anyway, before I start to have a look on the engine I must clarify the condition of the frame. Yesterday I had time to go on with the disassembly and finally I could pull out the engine. With the frame now separated I noticed that the right lower tube has a slight bend to the outside whereas the left one (the subframe part) is straight. Unfortunately, I did not make any picture from the front but I marked the area in the picture. I don’t know honestly if this “bend” is original or a damage, can anyone tell me? Furthermore, when I connect the subframe tube on the upper part of the main frame it is dislocated on the lower side to the main frame (see also attached picture). There is not a lot of force needed to push it in the correct position, but again, I don´t know if this is normal or another indication that the frame is damaged/bended. Please let me know how it looks on your vf´s. BR
  7. Hello again, some time has passed since I bought my 1984 VF500. You will find my introduction thread here: I would like to continue in the origin thread but unfortunately it was closed. Anyway, not much has happened since I bought it. I started the engine once and drove up and down in the driveway. Doing this I figured out that the clutch is not separating properly. It was impossible to change gears as long as the engine was running. When the engine is not running I can go through the gears clean. I bleed the clutch system but it did not solve the problem. After this activity’s the bike was parked in my garage covered under a blanket for the last two years. Unluckily I had no time to start this project and also I was not sure if I will go for a full restoration or just refresh it a little bit or keeping it like it is. Anyway I knew that it is there if I need it. Finally last weekend I decided to start the project and so I did. The first part to strip down the bike was the easiest one, and at the moment this is the status: As I mentioned already in my first post two years ago the rear frame of the bike is bent a little bit, also the front fairing carrier has seen better days. Therefore my first task is to find a company which can repair (bend back) the frame. During the disassembly I found out that the exhaust (especially the left one) has some corrosion on the lower side arriving from the inside. I thought of buying a “new” used one but after a quick research I found out that this damage seems to be quite common and the ones I found on ebay seemed to be worse than mine. Is there a way to repair/weld the exhaust and prevent it from further corrosion? As it is double walled and the corrosion is arriving from the inside it doesn’t seem so easy to me to repair it. BR David
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