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  1. I replaced the overflow bottle with an oil catch can. Anodized black.
  2. A bit of progress. Added some structural and visual elements to the subframe. Cleaning up the electronics under the seat and added some ABS panels.
  3. I bought this bike a couple of years ago. the plastics were already pretty messed up. I did not realize at the time that it would be so difficult and expensive to find replacements. I truly love the power delivery of the VFR v4 motor and The bike is comfortable and reliable so I wanted to find a way to get it looking more like what I wanted. I did not really like the tail section of the 4th gen models so I started looking at potential alternatives. While doing research I came across a couple of different projects that intrigued me. Among them was apexandy's streetfighter project. The project got a kick in the pants when a friend gave me a Ducati Monster seat he had purchased for a previous project that he had never done. The rest is history. Still a long way to go but here is the progress.
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