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  1. Considering it's been almost 5 years since I registered and not a single post, I figured an introduction is long overdue. Hailing from Toronto, I've been riding for a little over 30 years and owned a handful of bikes in that time. All were Hondas except my first, a YSR 50. After about 1 year or so with that, I moved on to a CBX 250 and then a VTR 250 which I owned for several years before taking the jump to a CBR 600 F4i. I loved that bike; it did everything I wanted it to and had more power than I would ever use. However, 2003 rolled around and the all new CRB 600RR debuted. Just on looks alone, I had to have one so I traded my 2 year old F4i in for a sexy, black RR. Fast forward to one fateful day in 2014 when I had an accident with it which unfortunately wrote the ol' girl off. I had always wanted a VFR and looking back, the VTEC was probably the bike I should have bought in 2003 instead of the RR as it just suits my needs better. I bought an '02 in the spring of 2015 and have really enjoyed it's performance. It goes like stink, more confidence inspiring in the corners and it's fully loaded with luggage - no more back-pack! With all that said though, it does have it's issues. I hate the linked brakes and I could also live without the VTEC simply because of the added complexity for valve checks. I do have to admit; that jolt at 6700 RPM does put a grin on my face! Also I've had a couple of common problems with it. Last year I had both the reg / rec and stator fail on me which I've since replaced and this year it sounds like the front CCT has worn. I have a new unit sitting in my garage waiting to be installed, I just need to find the time. On top of those issues, I've recently experienced 2 others that are complete mysteries I can't for the life of me figure out. I thought the wisdom here at VFRD might be able to help and I should at least give myself a proper intro before spamming the forums with the drama my lovely Viff has been giving me lately. See you on the boards! Mark.
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