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  1. Wow! Great!! You are like SO doing the right thing. Don't worry for a millisecond that you are slow. The speed will come up along with the confidence as it needs to. It is so much better to have said to yourself that you could have taken a turn faster than to be saying oops, I wish I had taken it a little slower. Go slow and you build skills, take it fast and you scare yourself...then you really don't make progress. I don't know how much you have read, but the combination of keith Code's Twist of the Wrist I and II give great self visualizations and help you combat bad reactions we all tend to go to reflexively. Follow his works with a good read of Nick Ienatsch's Sport Riding Techniques and you will have the in your head knowledge of all you really need to know. Then the rest is gleaned from practice on the track as you are doing. Get the best feedback from trustworthy others to critique your form. Try to get videoed and look at it with an instructor, then sleep on it and do it again. Hitting a second track day right after looking at the video is absoutely the best.

    You are looking good on the photos.

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