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  1. cmattina

    Dangers in using alternative rectifier in 5th Gen.

    I hear ya. For me, bit of a different case. Just doing a couple week tour on a bike i bought sight unseen. Figure it's small enough to bring with me.
  2. cmattina

    Dangers in using alternative rectifier in 5th Gen.

    Thanks for the reply. It is indeed a chinese copy... so now i may start looking for a used yamaha one, i guess...
  3. Oh, i know this has been asked a zillion times, well, maybe not the exact question... I am in a situation where I will be riding a 1999 VFR for a few weeks and want a spare rectifier. I really cannot justify a factory one for a 3 week trip (considering it costs 10% of what i paid for the bike), and i cannot get one that needs to be "heavily" modified (drilled, etc.) because i dont plan on packing a grinder and drill with me.... I found a Chinese rectifier for a CBR 600Fi that shares the same wiring and dimensions (though different plug). It seems like a good quick fix if needed. If this was my own bike i was planning on riding long term, i would obviously go for a good one. Anyways, just curious was the danger of using the CBR600 (2001+) rectifier would be?
  4. cmattina

    possible buy


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