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    Hey guys, after installing my new complete exhaust system i set the big girl off for a tune. asked for the guy to tune each cylinder individually. came back with this.. runs really nice. only thing i might change would be first thing in the morning some times the big will stall when you come off the throttle. let me know if someone knows how to fix this. thanks. hope someone enjoys this..
  2. Hey Guys, Thanks for the reply. I have only run it in the Garage at the moment. I have reinstalled the baffles and flames are no longer.. I think Mohawk was right. as for switchblades comment I have not done the computer as yet and i have installed both of the O2 sensors.. do you think it is worth buying the power commander V? Thanks again.
  3. Hey guys, I have just installed a new Delkevic full exhaust system on my 04 VFR and it is now blowing flames from the rear left pipe. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on why this might be happening? Thanks in advance for your help. Cheers Steve.
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