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  1. After removing the switch and reinstalling it, I see that there is some play there on the screw hole. I was able to move the switch a little closer to the lever and tightened it down, now it is working with the lever in the first click position. I have no idea if it will stay there or eventually move away, but for now it is working ;-)

  2. My apologies in advance if this has been asked and answered a dozen times and I'm just too stupid to find it:

    I just installed the Pazzo shorty clutch and brake levers on my '08. I really like them, however, I am finding the bike wont start in gear unless the lever is adjusted to position 3 or higher. Have others ran into this?? I really prefer the lever at setting one as I have short fingers and three is a bit of a reach for me. Clutch disengages correctly at all 6 adjustment levels, so I am wondering if anyone has found a way to maybe build up the contact point between the switch and the lever? Any suggestions?

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