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  1. Thanks again - as always, very educational - I'm going to run a tank or two as-is, then try reconnecting the O2 sensors to see if it throws a code. If not, I'll ride for a few tanks and see if that'll get me closer to the 200-mile range my '03 had but this bike doesn't...


    Didn't want to replace both O2 sensors @ $150 each after refurbing the electrical system!

  2. Finally an update on my starter relay connector project! 

    First, thanks again to all for the helpful advice and details. The parts finally came in, and I had ordered a replacement gasket for the Stator, and when I pulled that, it looked identical to the pic Lorne posted above. I went ahead and ordered & installed both a new Stator, and R/R as well as a VFRness, just to cover all the bases.


    After putting it all back together, and changing the oil since I had her all taken apart, she fired right up! I can say, thanks to you all, I did it RIGHT, but I can't say I did it WELL, lol...


    While I have you experts together - I found two things unrelated to the issue on this thread. Mind if I pick your brains one more time?


    Thing 1 - I noticed neither of my O2 sensor connecters are together, and both seem to be intentionally blocked - 2 pins jumpered on the bike side, 2 pins plugged. My guess is that this might've bypassed an error message, but I hadn't found anything like this in the forums. I've owned the bike since it had 8400 mi and it has 44k now, so other than bad gas mileage, there is no apparent downside to this. Thoughts?


    Thing 2 - there's a small female connector right by my right-hand ECU/fuse box. I cannot find another lonely connector - my bike has ABS, but perhaps this goes with another optional feature, as it appears OEM & not aftermarket. Thoughts on this?


    Again - thanks for the assistance on this - getting the bike back just in time for Spring, and now my track Daytona can go back to being a track bike.

    VFR O2 Sensor Plugs.PNG

    VFR Mystery plug near RH fuse box.PNG

  3. All outstanding tips & pics, so thank you! Since it's not exactly riding weather here, I may take that alternator cover off in the coming weeks.


    DannoXYZ - for that connector, do you recommend any parts site for that connector? The one I ordered on WireMyBike doesn't exactly look identical to the one I have, although it does come with the 4th wire it says I may/may not need, and searches net me a red connector that doesn't specify VFR800, and shows 15A instead of 30A.

  4. If there's already a thread on this, I apologize but couldn't find it. My '05 has just over 40k miles on it, been a reliable bike, but after starting recently, it quit, and electrics went dead. Pulled the seat off, and next to the battery is the starter relay, and the connector and relay were melted, especially to the larger-gauge red wire.


    I bought a replacement starter relay connector, and just found & ordered (on wiremybike.com) the connector. I am surprised that searches on sites like BikeBandit or Amazon net me zero results for the connectors.


    The optimist in me wants to think that assuming I make this repair correctly, I should be good to go.


    The pessimist in me worries that I need to continue down the electrical system - what say all of you, with the above information - are there checks I can do on the R/R or stator, and should I start that while my connector is en route?

    Starter Relay meltdown.jpg

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