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  1. The tag says build date 5/89. The seller claims Honda New Zealand received a diverted shipment originally intended for Great Britain. Makes sense as speedo in both miles and kms. The red colour is very red compared to my 1200. Gets noticed. Non bike people cannot believe its a 25 year old model.

  2. Thanks Parksey, a great article, I have not done all the "almosts" of the author but he is spot on. The Lindis Pass for example ....

    "The blat out of Omarama took me through the imposing Lindis Range along the very twisty Interstate 8, cutting through the towering rockscape like a black snake, twisting back on itself, dropping down, climbing up, all in second and third gear."

    Whilst it is rare to see Hobbits, you will always find a good road!

  3. Cheers HS. I have just noted the white arrow painted on the road, it is a little obscured by the mirror of my bike. There is so little traffic and what there is are mainly tourists, they have to paint these to remind which side to drive! Motorcycling heaven.

  4. I have enjoyed the photos and the commentary. With the right eye and a good camera there are some amazing backdrops on your trips. Quite cool and well done. Creativity wise though for names, you know nothing until you visit NZ, the island to the north is called the North Island, the other island to the south is called .... well try guessing ... Again thanks for the pics. Ride well.

    IMG 0456


    Amazing view, awesome corner ... as long as you stay on it I'm guessing. Great picture, did you ride this corner and then just think time to U-turn and photograph that? Amazing country.

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