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  1. That makes me feel better. Thouggt of time lapse? Sent from my Stream using Tapatalk 2
  2. question, when i remove the shock, will the ducktail drop down?
  3. Perfect. I've got sandy catless headers I have to modify to make fit so do em both together at my cousins factory. Sent from my Stream using Tapatalk 2
  4. is their an easy to follow pictorial guide for installing the rear shock, im going to do it my self, with a wilbers 641 i brought customised for my weight and panniers and top box
  5. A guy on advrider offered me his abs shock in the states Sent from my Stream using Tapatalk 2
  6. I remember asking for that too. The cigisocket is too long imho Sent from my Stream using Tapatalk 2
  7. of couse, i dont ride around with all that on, that was my demonstration of what i have...
  8. I have a few Ram balls off my clutch and brake lever. i have a bracket for a car gps on the ram, or an otter box, thats water proof. but i find this just too big
  9. only an octopus can get to that top valve on the rear brake caliper. but i did it all today, just not the top bleed valve, seems to be alright though.
  10. Use to be kenma who distributes them send on a small touch screen by a guy with fat fingers
  11. i think the issue is, buy quality genuine oggie knobs, not cheap chineese crap. i low sided my cbr600 with oggies, first time, had a bit of a grind, no problems, saved the fairings. 2nd time, was a high speed low side, i bent the bolt that holds the oggie on, but it worked, few grazez on the fairings though on the front nose cone top right, but everything else was fine. now ive got genuine no cut oggies on my vfr...
  12. i think the best improvements are sometimes made to the rider, rather than the machine....
  13. since i have 3 powerlet cigi sockets in my topbox, i just got a usb adaptor that goes inside it.
  14. I have the oxford handlebar muffs somewhere dont like em at all cant feel see controls send on a small touch screen by a guy with fat fingers
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