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  1. 767337


    Foot peg wins!

    I was grinding off the excess peg feeler... loL

    Edges on both side pegs were sharp as knives by the end of that day... both my wife and I have scars on our lower legs from brushing against them in the garage.  Now, I wrap old t-shirts around my foot pegs when the bike is being stored in the garage.

  2. 5 hours ago, sfdownhill said:

    Rush, that's awesome. Just ran across this old photo while researching grommets for brake line through swingarm.


    Thanks, Man! 

    Now I just need to make some time to get it on the road!

  3. 767335


    Thanks Miguel!

    Seeing me & my bike featured is a GREAT way to start the week! I’m looking forward to grooving on those Smokey Mountain twisties again!

    if you look close you can see the clouds and trees reflecting off ZoomZoom’s polished pressure plate through SebSpeed’s beautiful clutch window! With Jamie Daughtery’s suspension, mello dude’s pair block off plates, Codewriters BMC air filter mod, BaileyRock’s borrowed battery, and many others this bike has been touched by quite a few forum members.


    Thanks to all the VFRD family for insights, feedback, and support!


    PS: ... and not to forget the Carver Clan et al that literally got their hands all over my bike lifting it out of the gulley... thanks for not using the blinkers and mirrors to pick it up! :wink::beer: 

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