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  1. Thanks to Grum and Cogswell I have it running again! The FPR was definitely the cause of the cylinders being flooded with fuel. I was also surprised by the amount of fuel that was in the exhaust system. I really appreciate the help.
  2. I performed the spark test by removing all coils and plugs, connecting them one at a time to the proper wire and observed spark on all 4 plugs. Therefore, I do not seem to have an ignition issue. As a reminder, I also tested all 4 injectors for leaks while cleaning them and found no leaks. The two front cylinders, 2 and 4 had all the fuel - I did not observe any excess fuel in the two rear cylinders 1 and 3. I traced the vacuum hose from the fuel pressure regulator and it feeds the right hand cylinders 3 and 4 as you mentioned. I can see how you would expect the fue
  3. Grum - I suspect you hit the nail on the head! I removed the coils and spark plugs and turned the motor over and gas spewed from both front cylinders. The rear cylinders were dry. I didn't try the spark test this evening as there was too much gas and fumes in the area. I did some reading about the fuel pressure regulator and ran across some old posts about an aftermarket model from a "turbocity.com" which no longer exists. It seemed to offer some improvements - is something similar still available or is it best to order a factory replacement part?
  4. I had a similar issue - but mine was corroded on the inside from letting it sit too long. The key doesn't go down as far as you might think. I had already removed my fuel pump, so using a flash light I was able to see the latch from the underside. Mine was covered in white corrosion on the bottom. A few suggestions: 1.) With the key in the slot, put a finishing sander or similar (no sandpaper) against the key and let it vibrate to see it that loosens up the mechanism. 2.) You may need to remove the fuel pump - but it is not easy to work everything through the small opening
  5. I have a 2003 VFR800 with 18k miles. 10 years ago, the fuel pump stopped working so the bike was covered in a garage and received no attention. I'm trying to get it running again, so I removed the fuel tank, drained it, cleaned it out and installed a new Quantum fuel pump, filter, strainer and replaced all the related hoses and rubber pieces. I reinstalled the tank, filled with fresh fuel, changed the motor oil, oil filter and installed a new battery. I have it on the center stand with the side stand up. I turned on the ignition, switched on the red run button and hit the sta
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