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  1. Personally, I have Pirelli Angels, but they were not listed. The grip is awesome! Great in wet or dry, and a wider surface of tire is in contact with the road. Making the twisties a dream .
  2. Penetrator

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    Penetrator modifications
  3. The O2 Sensors SUCK! I went with the 99 cents resistors. No problems. The FI light went off. Thanks for all of the advice. Coyze your map is off da chain! I went for ride this afternoon, and the power is very immpressive. I can't beleive the difference. I did not know a VFR could roar like that. I will post my Dyno as soon as I get over to the Dyno Center. Thanks a bunch guys, Da Penetrator Lives!
  4. no. uploading any of the maps cannot really 'hurt' the bike. it CAN make it run bad, depending on mods. however, based on your stock w/ 02, it will run just fine. the first time i ran coyze's map was basically the exact same (minus PAIR valve too) and it runs great so you should see similar results. I just installed the PCIII with one O2 Sensor Eliminator (got it for free from a wrecked VFR), I had the PCIII installed, with the eliminator. It seems like the guy I had install it was not that experienced with the O2. The fuel injector light stays on. Is that supposed to happen? Does it need another O2? Can I install a couple of 330 ohm resistors with the O2? How can I remedy the situation?
  5. Thanks for a description that I can understand. I guess I will have to pony up $15.00 to get the sensor eliminator. Rather, I'll go to Radio Shack for a resistor, a much cheaper solution. I hope it is just as efficient. Thanks again.
  6. It won't harm your bike, but I feel that Cozye's map doesn't match my Europe spec VTEC. Throttle response becomes less crisp and it pops more on deceleration. VTEC transition is OK though. The PC maps available for Europe VTEC in PC website work better on my bike. Comparing the PC map for stock exhaust between US and Europe VTEC, it looks that the US map increase the fuel more than EUrope map. I think Europe VTEC comes richer from factory than US VTEC. It could explain why Cozye's map doesn't perform well on my bike. It makes it too rich. Grant, let us know how your bike respond. That was one of the concerns I had... Cozye's map being designed for a USA bike and mine being a European bike. But if it pops on deceleration... :thumbsup: coyze developed his map by trial and error. perrhaps taking his and then tweaking will give you what you want. I have a stupid question that I can't seem to get a straight answer to. Maybe you or someone on the board can help: 1. What exactly does a O2 Sensor Eliminator do? 2. If I do not install one with my PCIII, will I have issues? 3 What kind of issues? (MPG decrease, increased fuel consumptions, smoke) Thanks in advance.
  7. You are not getting mine back, I'm keeping them! Thanks again for the quality product. About black bolts... My usual source for weird hardware is McMaster-Carr. Unfortunately, they do not have the bolts in question. Lobsterman. I want some of your extenders. How can I order a pair? I have sixth gen. No lights necessary. I have enough bling for now. How can I order a pair?
  8. Thanks for the confirmation. Prior to purchasing the Pipercross, I was stuck on K&N. I did a little research and it seems that the ranking of air filters are as follows: 1. Pipercross 2. BMC 3. K&N Pipercross is also the most expensive. I picked mine up for about $76.00 fro Cal-Sportbike. I am taking my bike to mechanic this weekend. Maybe in about two weeks, I will have it Dynoed. I will post the results. Thanks again
  9. Does anyone have a map for my setup? I just got my Two Bros, PCIII and Pipercross air filter. Now, I am ready to see what this baby can do. I want to get the map prior to having my mechanic install the mods. I was thinking about get a custom map...but I am out of cash. I spent alot on the mods. The last item to add is to polish the frame and stator cap. I was thinking about using Coyze's map, but I am worried that it would not work with gthe Pipercross. The attached link is a photo of my bike prior to the pipes, pcciii, pipercross and windscreen.... Can someone help me?
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