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  1. SH847 should be here this week. Delkevic came today. It weighs so much less than the stocker and looks superb on there. Hoping to test it later this week.
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  2. It would appear that removing the cylinder plug and draining the fluid from there in addition to the plug on the water pump actually removes little if any additional fluid. I only did the water pump drain and it still took about a gallon to fill it all the way back up, including burping it a few times to make sure all the air was out of the system.
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  3. The last few helmets I bought Scorpion and HJC, and were cheap but decent quality. The problem is the Scorpion I have now is just too loud. What's weird is it's the same model I had before and was happy with, but I think they changed the design a couple years ago. Even with a chin skirt it's noticeably louder than my previous lid. So I've been shopping on and off since this summer for another new helmet. With the discontinued Shoei RF1200 models on sale or clearance in many places and online, I thought of picking one up when I saw a good deal. But I've tried on that helmet a couple times and it always seems like the eye port sits low over my eyes, like the helmet is tilting forward. I could probably attach a small pad in the forehead area to correct this, but I like a helmet to fit right from the start. 😕
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  4. I may have the original instructions, will take a look. I've got the ECU strapped to the left side of the sub-frame. I made up a custom undertray kit though and didn't use the Wolf tray. The attached instructions are not mine, but do include the original Wolf instructions with a lot of extra, unnecessary information. Use your best judgement in fitting it up. These were posted probably 15 years ago, all the embedded links are dead. Wolf System Installation.pdf
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