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  1. So I think I'll ditch that thingmabob and keep it simple. I took all the givi attachments off the rack and 16mm u- bolt for straight onto it. Now that I had those bolts sticking out, I mounted a load of paper onto them. Taped more paper to it and used a sharpie to mark out areas. Sitting on the pillion seat, I worked out the furthest forward the rack could come and the lowest. It ended up looking like this: So if you're having bespoke panniers made, I recommend 280mm tall by 550mm long maximums. I think 280mm wide is the maximum. But I'm sure people on here have gone wider, I've ordered some nice latches, a metal bender and tin snips. I'm going away next week so this has to be quick and well done! Sent from my LG-D855 using Tapatalk
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