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Delkevic de-cat pipe.

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No, I am not asking about if they make one.  This is about a response I got back from Delkevic after inquiring if they were planning to make a set of headers, or even just rear pipes like they do the front pipes for the early-md 90's VFR750.  This was the response I got:

Hello Daniel,
Thank you for your interest in our products.  I do not see we are creating any rear downpipes, but we do have a de-cat collector in the works.  The project is in the early stages, so I don’t' have an estimate of when it might be complete.  We do not do any custom work for pipes because of the time it takes to create them and test fitment.  I will forward your request to our R&D department that monitors customer inquiries for products.  I'm sorry I could not be of more assistance at this time.
Janielle Myers
Branch Manager
Delkevic US
www.delkevic.us    "

Obviously, there is no hint on the time frame for said de-cat collector, but it will definitely be nice to have a potentially bolt on option.  

I think if there was enough interest put forward in a full header setup they may actually oblige.  If you even have a remote interest in a full header kit then I would say to send them a message through their "Contact us" page on their website - this is the link to the U.S. site. https://www.delkevic.us/index.php?route=information/contact

I actually have a full Delkevic exhaust on my GL1000, and while the mufflers aren't the greatest (one of mine had a tiny leak where it was riveted), the headers are fantastic and fitment was spot on.  Since they already make slip on systems, if a set of headers was made it would likely utilize the existing slip on options, meaning other brand slip on's, or even a factory muffler, would bolt up.

In an case, I am definitely looking forward to a bolt up de-cat pipe, so I will be keeping my eyes open for that one.

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