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It Was A Good Day!

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Look what came in the mail today! From some dude in Indiana...



And so it can sound and look as good as it handles!


And the end result.


I'd like to give a big thanks to Jamie for the great service and super quick turnaround. Now I had previously done the 929 conversion and have race tech 0.95kg springs in the front. But seeing as I am the better part of 250lbs I knew the setup was less than ideal. As I was riding down to go get the shock trying to pay particular attention to how my bike handled, I was anxious to find out if I would really notice "that much" of a difference from what I was currently running? So I set to the task of swapping out the shock and installing the Delkevic high mount. within an hour I was listening to the sweet rumble of my new 14" carbon pipe(spud out). And then I went for a ride, the only word to describe the new handling characteristics..."PLANTED" during my shakedown ride I found myself looking down at the speedometer thinking F&%K!!! this is quick!! Pretty much the best money I've ever spent on the bike. what a difference! Thanks again Jamie. Yeah the muffler is cool too. :)


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