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U S B Power Part Deux (Adding A Relay)

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Got another 2.1 amp usb power port from www.3brpowersports.com to install in the left side of the fairing. (dash board) Like the one I installed on the right side which is always hot, this one will be only have power when the ignition switch is turned on via the tail light circuit. At this point I already have the usb port installed in the "dash" and have all the plastics removed for the wiring and relay install. 005_zps2dee07b0.jpg Here I have removed the ecu from it's cover. Makes it easier to maneuver the harness. Pulled (gently) the rear part of the harness out from under the seat support so you can get to the wires much easier. Very carefully slice the electrical tape and remove exposing the wires. The tail light circuit is the brown with blue stripe. The section I opened up you should find some extra amount of that wire. 006_zpse589e37a.jpg The next few pics shows the installation of a posi-tap and has to be installed in this order. Similar to a piercing valve. No cutting of the original factory wiring 007_zps89a020ae.jpg028_zps6a916363.jpg008_zpsb58f7e6c.jpg009_zpse938dcb9.jpg I used a brown 16 gauge wire to serve as the power supply that activates the relay. There are instructions that come with kit on how to install the posi-tap. 010_zpsbb30cdc1.jpg Then tape it up to further prevent moisture getting in. 015_zpsd0767ec9.jpg Then tape the harness back up. 016_zpsdc90a42b.jpg This is where I put the grounds for the relay and the usb port. The ground wire from the relay is a 12 gauge wire. Nothing wrong with a little overkill on ground wires. While you have this disconnected clean the ground connector and the frame with some emery cloth


You will need a lot of zip ties. :) Some you will have to cut off and redo like I did. I also taped over the wires I installed just for added protection. I ran the wire from the tail light circuit under the rear seat support with zip ties. Also run that wire on the bottom side of the rear tail frame rail so it's not in the way of the seat.024_zps33a9f3be.jpg Perfect spot for a relay. I did have to drill out the hole on the relay mounting tab for the bolt to fit. From the battery I also used a 12 gauge wire. (I may want to ad something else to the relay one day)

017_zpse13db937.jpg It is critical that the factory ground tab touches the frame first. All other connections on top. (ground wire from the relay and the ground wire for the usb port) 018_zps34583254.jpg


This is the ground wires for the relay and usb port and also the power supply for the usb port all taped and zip tied to the rail.


12 gauge wire going to the relay. This is the power the relay will send to the usb port when the relay is energized.


This is the "tap" for connecting a battery tender or heated gear.


Location for the fuse to the usb port.


Nice and neat.


Last pic of the usb port....finished!! There is no noticeable power drain on the tail lights.


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