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Best Grade Of Stainless Steel Wool For Muffler Repack ?

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Steel wool will not burn inside a muffler for several reasons. Mainly the exhaust gasses do not carry enough oxygen or heat to support ignition. Steel wool burns in air because the conditions are just right. Most major muffler manufacturers use steel wool in their mufflers. If it were a fire hazard lots of people would know about it.

Steel wool is more durable than fiberglass when used properly. According to Borla it is used as a barrier to make the fiberglass last longer.

There must be some benefit to using steel wool because the manufacturers use it even though it's heavier, costs many times more than fiberglass, and has poor thermal insulating properties. I think it absorbs different frequencies than fiberglass, so it provides dual-stage sound absorption in addition to increased durability.

Check out the Two Bros site, they show a cutaway of their muffler construction.

Two Bros

When I repacked my M4s I measured the thickness of the steel wool strands and ordered new stainless steel wool with the same strand thickness. The new stuff looked a lot finer than the original, but I used it anyway. FMF and Two Bros sell repack kits with steel wool.

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on the last muffler I had, in noticed the inside pipe had been wrapped in header wrap. and the muffler itself was packed with that long strand fiberglass packing. they were cool to the touch and I'm guessing it was prolly more horsepower condusive than the setup I have now, which is everything gutted. can gets Real hot, and it's REAL loud, just barely a peg below open cat/header. but it sounds so good too. lol.

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