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Complete Fairings/Tank for Gen 4

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I've been collecting these for years hoping a Gen 4 with beaten up bodywork would pop up for sale in my area. It's now time to let go of the package. I have a complete skin, tank and lights (including headlight) for sale. I have used Polyvance Plastifix on any cracks and fiber tape reinforcing. All bodywork is 95% complete and almost ready for painting. The tank is clean, no dents, rust free with only a few paint chips on the lower lip. The fuel gauge sender was working when the tank was last on a bike. I have more pictures in a Dropbox of all the pieces and can provide as many as wanted. I'm NOT interesting in parting it out. Shipping everything may be expensive, but I can provide quotes to the interested party. $1200USD obo.


Rear cowls.jpg

Tank 1.jpg

Front 1.jpg

Sides back.jpg



Belly pan.jpg


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