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WANTED: SC-16 / VF1000R Parts

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Looking for the following parts if anyone can help: 


1. RHS Mirror (happy to buy a pair if necessary). Pictured is the LHS mirror I have sourced and want to match.  



2. 4 into 1 exhaust manifold / header. Long shot I know, but if anyone has a 4-1 or know of one for a VF1000R (with our with end can) let me know. I would throw in my own exhaust with twin Kerker cans if someone was interested….


3. Seat cowl (ideally in red & in ready to use condition). mine has a broken tab, not a major problem but I’d change if someone has a good cowl lying around. 

4. water temp gauge. I think mine is broken as it doesn’t move unless the bike gets VERY hot and even it does wake up the gauge only goes half way up. I’ve cleaned connections and changed the sender so I’m leaning towards doing a gauge swap to see if that sorts the dodgy water temp gauge issues…


5. EU Fuel tank. My bike is a US import with the curvy tank but personally I prefer the squarer lines of the EU tank. Happy to part-ex or swap my tank if someone is interested in a good US tank otherwise I’ll buy outright. Preferably ready to use - minus cap/key. 

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