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Suggest me a map (Staintunes, Motad cat-less)


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Bike spec:

2007 model (revised VTEC)

PAIR system inactive

Staintunes cans

Motad downpipes (no cat)

PC5 with o2 eliminators


Tried the cozye map adapted for 06+ and that felt great but surging issues started pretty quickly. My bike doesn't have any surging with the standard fuelling. Also tried Dynotune 16-005-003 (2006-2009 model, Staintune slip-on exhaust, Stock or aftermarket air filter) and that felt wrong. Very aggressive and made the engine quite vibey, from looking at the map it adds more fuel at lower RPM's on part throttle.


Does anyone with a European VFR run cozye's map without issue? I'm wondering if I need to restrict my choice of maps to Europe-specific ones.

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Got an update in case anyone's interested


The map I've settled on a Dynojet map that is described as being for a stock bike. It runs rich across the lower 1/3 of the rev range, this really helps with the snatchy throttle, and unlike the other maps I tried, there are no nasty side effects like surging and serious hesitancy. Surprised to see a standard map work best on a decatted Staintunes bike, but the numbers must suit it best. It's still snatchy at 4-5k rpm so I might set it a bit richer there and see if that helps. Not ruling out a proper dyno tune though, at least I know the bike will run properly with the right fuelling.

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