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Anybody have SC Project exhaust in RC93?


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Hi! sorry my english is bad, i have a VFR 800F RC93 (2017 model) and i buy SC Project exhaust, this exhaust is for 2014 model (RC74) and have a protector block for central stand, the RC93 have a protector in the catalyst



But if remove exhaust protector block the central stand hits it, the stand now is lower so i cut exhaust big rubber but it still doesn't look good




The problem is that central stand is lower this can rub when tilting, has someone in the same situation found a good solution? Thx! 


Other question, oem paniers have a metal protector but get hot, can a thermal protector work? or the honda original protector is enough?






Very thx 🙂

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Hi Carokix, first post also ! 

I have the same SC Project exhaust on my 2018 VFR 800 (RC93) : I didn't remove the rubber protector of the center stand. I ride quite hard sometimes, getting to the edge of the Michelin Road 5 (around 45° angle) and I've never rubbed the center stand on the ground. If you do, lean yourself more than you lean the bike. 😉


No idea about the side oem cases, I do not have them.

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