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Modified Cozy_ver5 for PCV

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I took Cozy's ver_5 PCIII map (.djm) and copied it over to work on a PCV (.pvm). The only difference is the PCV has a 15% throttle were the PCIII does not. I just took an average between the 10% and 20% throttles for this column and it seems to work well. See Cozy ver_5 original description for more info.

I have an 02 VFR with BMC air-filter, O2 eliminators, PAIR mod and gutted stock exhaust (cat still in place). I have to say this map is excellent. Low rpm performance (under 3000) is much cleaner and throttle is more responsive. At partial throttle (under 50%), there is practically no VTEC transition. This map should work well for the 02 - 05 models but might be a little rich for stock exhaust.

The only area I see that could use a little improvement seems to be the VTEC transition at large throttle openings (more than 50%). The transition is noticeable but no where near as bad as stock.


What's New in Version 01/01/70 12:00 AM   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.


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Thanks for this..... I have an 06 with a K&N, and gutted stock exhaust... She was definitely running lean at the end of last season, so the Power Commander V is on its way. This map should fit the bill.

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This map seems to run the smoothest for my bike, 08, stock air filter, Leo Vince with 5hole plates installed and baffles removed, 02 Eliminators. Its a touch rich in the higher RPM's for my elevation, but definitely doable.

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I am going to give this a try tomorrow anxious to see how it performs....mine is an 02 with pair valve removed, flapper mod, catless header and evap can removed with aftermarket filter and cans, We will see how she likes it!

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