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Graphic comparison of Coderighter's map vs Dynojet PCV stock map

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About This File

As my first contribution to this outstanding forum I put together an excel based analysis, or rather cross-comparison, of the Dynojet PCV stock map for 2006 VFR800 ABS and Coderighter's map generated by Auto Tune (if I understood correctly). The motive for such an endeavor was the fact that I am a lucky owner of black 2006 VFR800 ABS anxiously expecting his PCV to come in mail in about a week's time, on top of that I am a finance guy - hence excel spreadsheets with funny graphs.

On the topic, I laid out Coderighter's maps for every gear in one tab (along with graphs of values for every gear) and Dyno stock in another tab (six copies since Dyno uses single map for all gears), the third tab contains the tables of differences between the two maps.

My personal observation sort of supports real life experience of folks that used Coderighter's maps with much success, especially in respect of two aspects: 1)lower overall fuel consumption (Coderighter has somewhat leaner maps, or so it seems from comparison tables), 2) smoother Vtec over the whole RPM range without sharp surges at 6500 RPM. I am yet to try the map for real but you can bet that I will. Love the results on graph. Someone mentioned surges at 3000RPM, that sort of shows through on the graphs, slightly richer values, that could have differing implications for every bike, so not sure how that translates into a surge.

Many thanks to Coderighter, I follow your threads with much dedication, and Cozye for his early inputs that live on.

PS: To view the file change the extension from *.doc to *.xls, I couldn't upload the file in its original form nor as a zip archive (got unsupported standard message).

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