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If you're going to break down somewhere




So if you're going to break down somewhere, where could be better than at the mechanics....

My VFR is due for rego this coming week which in NSW requires an inspection. These are done at basically almost any car related place. Most mechanics (car, bike, truck) and tyre shops are accredited inspectors. They plug some details into a website and the 1 of three parts of your renewal is complete.

Been raining almost non stop since tuesday with much the same last week and more of the same expected next week (Hows that summer eh!) so it was a rainy lunchtime that I rocked up a the nearest bike shop (these guys have serviced the VFR often, so they are a known factor) to get checked. It takes about 15mins and is pretty painless. For any regularly maintained and serviced vehicle you'd be pretty unlucky to fail. Passed no worries.

Stood in the garage doorway gearing back up to head out again in the rain. Pushed it out, turned the key hit the starter... it tried and nothing, and a couple more times.... nothing.

Pushed it back in. They checked the voltages and under load and it was quite clear that the battery had given up. Thinking back I have had a couple of failed starts in the past week so it shouldn't have been a surprise.

Now the dilemma - I can't leave the bike as I won't be back for several days. I can't wait long as I have to get home to mind the kids as Mrs has to work. A brief discussion ensues and the plan is to swap the battery and I go for a ride for an hour to get some charge into it. Then I go again tomorrow (that's today) to top it up.

I look out at the rain coming down, shrug my shoulders and decide that there really isn't any choice as I don't have a charger at home.

That battery has lasted 3 to 4 years so I'm not unhappy. I think the new one in the bike now is maybe the third one (in 8 years).

So I spent an hour in the rain cruising up and down the freeway charging the bike. 24 hours later and its a beautiful 26C and I'm doing the same thing. Fingers crossed it will start and be ok on Wednesday.

But I guess I broke down in the most fortunate place. I think the last breakdown I made to a bike shop eventually before it all went quiet as well. The VFR is always looking after me even when it's not feeling too good.

So if you're going to breakdown, do it at the bike shop :)

Random pic of bike not related to story.



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