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  1. K&N Oil Filter Recall - KN-204

    You notice its only model kn-204.
  2. K&N Oil Filter Recall - KN-204

    Before I got my VFR, I used K&N filters on my Ducati. Never heard of any failures on a Ducati. Very active forum.
  3. -1/+2 520 conversion considerations

    Changing the gearing is very simple! If you can make it better why wouldn't you? The stupid gear indicator will still work if you need it. It did in my case.
  4. Front Stand Recommendation

    Happened to me also, but they did make it right.
  5. -1/+2 520 conversion considerations

    Yeah, you're right. It's a 525. If your chain is still good. Go down 1 tooth in the front. When you need a new chain, put the old front back on and go up 3 teeth in the back. Easy and inexpensive mod.
  6. -1/+2 520 conversion considerations

    I am in the US and have -1 front sprocket with the stock 530 chain. You can purchase non-stock sprockets on Ebay for 530 chain.
  7. Help me convince myself to buy an 8th gen

    I see no reason to have linked brakes. You should be able to control the front and rear independently. I don't see how linked brakes would stop a bike faster unless you don't know what you are doing. I don't want the bike applying the front brake when I am using the rear.
  8. -1/+2 520 conversion considerations

    I have the stock chain and -1 on the counter shaft. Everything works. Better 1st gear ratio and better 6th gear - only slight change. I am very happy and recommend this change.
  9. Buying advice - 8th gen

    I have a deluxe with ABS. This is my first bike with ABS and after about 4,000 mi., I have yet to feel the ABS kick in. This is with about 60% of riding in the twisties. I don't see when I would want to turn it off. Maybe at a track day. Now in the rain, wet roads or gravel/stones in the road, it may come in handy.
  10. Lane splitting is illegal in New York?!
  11. Look in Pennsylvania. Worth the little trip and save about $3,500.00. That's what I did (about 3 months ago).
  12. You should set the preload to 25-30mm of sag, with you sitting on the bike - front and rear. This is the place to start. Then adjust from there.